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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Nature at its finest

Hey guys, it seems like I've been posting a lot of weather pictures recently.. so I compiled this list of the most magnificent weather pictures on the internet.. Enjoy!

Lightning from a volcanic ash cloud

Large tornado in the background

Moon behind stratus clouds

Updraft base of a thundercloud

Mesocyclone and rain shaft

Tornado touchdown

Full moon and cumuloform clouds

Thunderstorm on the prarie

Red ligntning

Mesocyclone wall cloud

Advancing dust storm

Shelf cloud on the ocean

Thunderstorm in the distance

Wall cloud descending

Shelf cloud over a city


Hurricane over the ocean

Heavy wet snow

Tornado with visible rotation

Cloud to cloud lightning in the foreground, Cloud to ground in the background


  1. How is red lightning made?

    1. Well.. refraction caused by soot particles may give lightning a red tinge. But that would take lots of soot and ash, like in a volcanic ash cloud.
      I'd have to call photoshop on that picture tho.. doesn't look authentic.